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A women's health program unlike any other.

Developed and facilitated by women, for women.

The Powher Program is a 12-month individualized, data-driven women's health program that bridges existing research with self-experimentation to build personal mastery of individual health and wellbeing.

Created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to empower women to build their own health expertise, our unique approach to women's health is designed to provide women with evidence-based tools, support and education about their unique bio-individuality to help them master their health.


Personalization  of  Women's  Health,  Evidence  &  Research


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Women’s health is notoriously difficult and women are struggling.


Women are struggling to make health decisions that support their unique bio-individuality and allow them to thrive. And unfortunately, this struggle has been perpetuated by the scientific & medical communities.


Women's unique bio-individuality is disregarded by the science community as a Research Limitation - sealed in 1977 when the FDA formally banned women of child-bearing potential from participating in clinical research. To this day, women who have a hormone cycle, are still considered a research limitation.  


As a result, the current health options for women are not backed by research and lack the data to understand what works and what doesn't.


Options for women currently include: 

  • Relying on limited, insurance-based medicine, which does not consider a women's bio-individuality 

  • Using a trial-and-error approach by going to various, costly specialists

  • Fending for herself with no support or guidance


At Powher, we don't see your bio-individuality as a limitation.

In fact, we see it as your superpower! And one that we want to help you understand and harness!

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Deep dive into your unique biochemistry and bio-rhythms to understand and better support your personal biological needs.


Expanding upon existing women's health research to build your personal health expertise using your own health data.


Hands-on, applied learning with classroom instruction, lab testing, guided self-experimentation, personal coaching and live events using cutting-edge women's health technologies.

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