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Q: Why are there only 30 women in the program?

A: Limiting our class size allows for more individual time with the health experts, for smaller buddy / discussion groups, and for more time for you to ask YOUR questions during the weekly Q&As and the bimonthly guest expert panel.

Q: I’m not in the USA or Canada can I still participate?

A: We would LOVE for you to join us; unfortunately though this first year, we will not be able to accommodate you. The reason for this is because of the need to send lab specimens (blood, urine samples) to our lab. With COVID and shipping restrictions, we cannot 100% guarantee that the specimens will be delivered in time across borders. 


Q: How will women be chosen for this program?

A: We are limiting our class to 30 and so it is a first come, first serve review of your application. As long as the woman’s health is not terminal and she is able to commit to an entire year, then we would be happy to take you. Please note, all applicants must write a letter with the name of your primary care physician. This program is a supplement, not a substitute for your primary doctor. 

Q: Can you sign up for a year-long for yourself and then could I have my 18-year-old take with me so we could learn together?

A: Yes, two for one! She will not be able to have her health tests done (we can only offer 1), but feel free to share your login details with her so that she can also learn alongside you! (BTW - we LOVE that you are sharing knowledge with the next generation -- THIS is how we change our healthcare system, knowledge is power!)

Q: Should we expect ANY additional costs to the $1500/mo? Are there wearables, other tests, equipment?? Or, will all things we do be covered in the stated cost?

A: No ma’am! We are working with the companies to partner with them so that we can offer you these products as PART of the price that you are paying for $1500. The only two things to note are - 1) if you are in Canada, you may need to pay for shipping down to the US (but we are working to sort that out), 2) if we see something in the test wherein we would recommend that you get another test for further review, we will flag that to you and try and help you find a low-cost option. An example of this would be seeing that someone may have indications of a mercury toxicity and then requesting that they get a hair and mineral analysis test to determine the next steps. This test would be too expensive (and not needed) to include for everyone, so, instead, we will flag for you, if and only if, it’s necessary. This would then be an out-of-pocket expense that you then can choose to do (or not to do).




Q: When does the program start? 

A: We are anticipating a start date in early 2022. However, in order for the program to have its fullest impact on the women in the program, we will wait until we have a full class of 30 members until we start. In addition, in the event that COVID causes delays with our lab partner, we will shift the program start to allow the baseline and two follow-up medical tests to occur in the program timeline as planned. Therefore, the timeline of the program may shift. 

Q: Where does this program take place?  

A: In the comfort of your home!! This program is done at home on your computer. The labs will be sent to your house and we will guide you to where you will need to go to provide blood specimens. The weekly discussions and coursework will all be done online. 

Q: How does the program kick off?

A: The program will kick off with you completing your first set of health laboratory analyses. These will help us understand your personal, health baseline such that the recommendations provided are tailored to YOU! We will have an all-hands meeting the first week to introduce the team and how to use our private platform; and then we are off with learning and optimizing our health! 

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: We know you are busy and want to get your health back in order so that you can have more timing LIVING! So - we have spent months synthesizing and summarizing material to make this the most efficient use of your time. Therefore, the course material will be 1 hour of reading / active learning. If you’d like to go further, each week will be a supplemental 1 hour Q&A that you can dial into / listen to the replay at your convenience. We’ll also have additional downloadables and readings in case you wish to continue the learning! 


Q: What is a health coach?

A: In the PowHer Program we look as a health coach as an individual that helps translate your medical tests into tangible actions that you can complete to achieve YOUR health goals. The health coach’s role is to be that person to guide, motivate, and elucidate modifications to improve your health and energy. 

Q: How is this program different from others? 

A: We developed this program because we saw a need to add more data and rigor to health coaching. This program gives the motivation and accountability of the health coaching model and the testing and medical oversight as a functional medicine doctor. We blend the medical data with habit changes, group motivation, and bring you the best experts and companies that will help you along your journey. 

The VALUE of the program (just from the timing of our team, the labs, and the course) is more than double the cost of the program. We are providing this at a discount this first year because we want to set this up for future success and are excited to learn with you this first year. 


Q: I am interested in learning the prerequisites of being considered to be a part of this program and the total cost.

A: Great news! There are NO prerequisites for the course. The only things we need are: 1) your dedication, interest, and time in learning with us and for you and 2) a confirmation that you have a primary care physician that you are also working with. With that, we will do our best to answer each of your questions both about the material and also about your health so that you spread this information to other women in your communities! #bealighthouseofhealth




Q: How will my data be collected and stored?

A: Your health data will be collected by our laboratory partner, Premier Laboratory Services. They are a first-class, full service laboratory that managed COVID related testing in 2020-21. We’ve partnered with them rather than with other third parties because we wanted to have ONE lab with ONE set of reference ranges. All of your results will be managed only through them. 

Q: Will my health data be safe?

A: Yes, very!! We are extremely careful about health data. So much so, that in order to minimize any risk, we have partnered with a HIPAA compliant company, Heads Up Health, to aggregate and compare it. Your data will be held in a dashboard so that you can see the trends, changes over time between lab analyses. It will also pull in any data from your wearables (e.g., Oura ring, Biostrap, etc.) so that way you will see how your lifestyle changes are impacting your health, in real time. 

Q: What is my personal data going to be used for? 

A:  Your health data will be anonymized and cleansed of personally identifiable information (e.g., name, address, etc.). It will be combined with the health data of the entire cohort and shared with our partners for them to see changes in health on a macro scale. This combined group data will be provided to partners for future advancement on women's health. Yes, you read that right -- your data will help the future of women’s health research!

Q: What medical tests are included? 

A: We are proud to be partnering with Premier Labs to offer the world's first comprehensive women's packet which will include testing for: hormone health, thyroid health, inflammation, and overall immunity. We were frustrated from not having one panel that could do it all -- so we went ahead and created it! As part of the program, you are the first women to get to try it out before it goes out to doctors, health practitioners, and patients around the world! 

Q: How do I complete the required medical tests?

A: You will receive the lab kit to your home address. The lab kit will require blood labs to be drawn and therefore, we will let you know where are places nearby that you can go ahead and do that. It’s a fairly quick exercise and is often finished within 15 minutes. 

Q: How often are medical tests done?

A: As part of this program, you will get to have your labs done THREE times! We decided on this because we want YOU to see a) how quickly health can change, and b) we want to show you the data and for you to understand how these lab panels all tell you a beautiful story of your health! Therefore, you will get the opportunity to complete a lab panel before the start of the program, in the middle of the program and at the end. We cannot wait for you to see how big of a change will happen in just 12 short months! 

Q: What if I don't want to do a medical test? Can I do this program without the medical test?

A: Medical testing is a fundamental component of this program. As our medical director says -- “test, assess, address, don’t guess”. If you haven’t tested and created a baseline, then you don’t know what you are trying to improve. Testing allows for us to narrow in on the specific lifestyle changes, foods, and supplements that YOU need. This program is about providing you specific results based on your bio-individuality, and without the tests, we simply cannot do that. 


Q: Will the pow(r)er program include epigenetic testing to inform the personal plan?

A: Yes and no. We are working on finalizing the epigenetics testing with our lab. They have some things already included, but we are not yet 100% sure what will be provided. Stay tuned; we will let you know. 

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